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Our Vision

Food Styling on Plate


Passion, balance


Our vision and main niche is to create convenient health-food options for busy professionals, freshly prepared ‘bento lunch boxes’: a ready-to-go Japanese inspired lunch box, promoting balanced nutrition for those working a full-time schedule.


As well as providing healthy pre-packed lunches, we also offer a small café area serving patisserie cakes, pastries and artisanal coffee from around the world, all homemade and prepared freshly each day.


We want to share our passion for fresh Eastern food, blended with the West, to create a marriage between authentic, handmade Japanese onigiri, sushi and kimbap.


Our ultimate aim is to bring an exciting, new lunch option to the people of Winchester with untold health benefits!

Our Bento Factory


The preparation of our food

Wherever possible our food is made on site, from scratch. A lot of our food options will be raw vegetable whole-foods, accompanied by lightly cooked foods. To preserve the purity and nutrition of our high-quality ingredients, we simplify our cooking methods to a great degree. 


The source of our ingredients

The local produce available to us will be the primary source of our ingredients; starting locally in Winchester where possible, and always working within a 30-mile radius at maximum. We will be supporting our local farmers, particularly with the view of purchasing ‘imperfect vegetables’ to minimise food waste and support our ethos. Our menu will be changed on a regular basis to reflect the seasonal produce of our local farmers and to celebrate the health benefits of seasonal food choices with customers.


Our eco-awareness & packaging

The aims of our café are to be as environmentally friendly as practicable. Where possible we have been using compostable, plant-based packaging and seek always to minimise the use of single-use plastics. Various plastic alternatives, such as food-grade, starch-based biodegradable packets have been sought for Bento Factory to help rectify various problems with plastics used in café environments.

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